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3-Things Friday | 'Life-Mix'

September 23, 2016

Tags: 3 Things Friday Brain Pickings Kings of Convenience

Hi all!

Hope you had a fantastic week :)

This week’s change: I’m testing Revue as a platform so that everyone joining later has access to all previous versions of the newsletter starting with this one.

This week’s title is “Life-Mix”, a term coined by MIT Professor Sherry Turkle critically describing how new technology makes us believe that our online life is simply layered on top of our offline life - therefore giving us the possibility to transform ourselves from (the myth of) multitasking to (the even bigger myth of) multi-lifeing. The primary goal of this weekly letter still is to spread positivity, but sometimes you cannot avoid critical thinking to eventually end up with a more positive result. That’s why I include the article below. Let me know what you think!

AND in order to make up for it, the song and podcast episode of the week are more uplifting and a laid-back start into the weekend :)

Wishing you a great time with friends and family, Rupert

What I’m reading

“I Used to Be a Human Being” (30 Min)

What I’m listening to

“Know-How” - Kings of Convenience (Spotify; 4 Min)

Podcast episode of the week

“Maria Popova - Cartographer of Meaning in a Digital Age” (51 Min)

Maria Popova is the editor of Brain Pickings, which is a “human-powered discovery engine for interestingness”. I have never had idols in my life, but she is definitely somebody I look up to when it comes to how to live life on your own terms. She rigorously followed her curiosity and built Brain Pickings from a newsletter among colleagues to a platform that influences millions of people every month by cultivating old and new wisdom across many disciplines. I believe you will enjoy her story.